Bug in IMDB plugin (easy to fix)

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Bug in IMDB plugin (easy to fix)

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Recent bug with the IMDB plugin. The downloading of IMDB ratings produces the following error:

"Problem during processing of IMDB data"

[I had to remove the error message as I could not post otherwise... rule re. no URL for newbies]

The reason why it fails is that the files have been moved from the original location ( in the directory database) to a new location (a subfolder called frozendata/). So as a quick fix updating the path in the plugin may be sufficient to fix this. Then it may be necessary to look at a cleaner and more permanent fix since I understand the internal format of these data have been changed.

If you ftp to the main server (Berlin) and path cd to /pub / misc / movies / database/ you will find that the file aka-titles.list.gz is no longer there but has been moved to /pub / misc / movies / database / frozendata/ . The README file provides the following explanation:

"IMDb datasets, providing bulk-access to IMDb title and name data, are now available from us via an HTTPS link.

URL removed - see README file

As a previous ftp user you can just switch to https, however there are some formatting changes within the data.

I hope the above helps. Could you fix the plugin please?

Many thanks,

PS: had to remove the URLs or add spaces in the paths to work around the limitation of the forum rules for newbies (no URLs)...

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