Schedules Direct - Line Up Problem

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Re: Schedules Direct - Line Up Problem

von colin1951uk » 06 Okt 2016, 17:30

I've just done a grab with mc2xml and it's Schedules Direct that have messed things up (it's not TV Browser.)

I'll open a ticket with them to sort it out.

You can delete this post if necessary.


Schedules Direct - Line Up Problem

von colin1951uk » 06 Okt 2016, 17:04

I've had line up problems with GBR-0001225-DEFAULT (the Freeview listing for my local transmitter) this week.

I'm getting channels listed like Sky Cinema Great, Sky Sports 1 and 2 etc which are all pay channels and shouldn't be in the list. I didn't see them before this week.

I also noticed Vintage TV is missing which was available last week (there maybe others missing, I just haven't fine tooth combed through yet.)

I wondered if I corrupted my database so completely erased everything and started from scratch but that didn't change anything.

It maybe Schedules Direct have screwed up the listing so I wondered if anyone could check it for me before I complain.

Anyone help?

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