Schedules Direct not working

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Re: Schedules Direct not working

von jdonato » 22 Mai 2017, 23:10

Never mind, found the rest of the data in Library/Preferences...

Re: Schedules Direct not working

von jdonato » 22 Mai 2017, 22:52

Another quick question.
I have a lineup of channels in TV-Browser (let's say LineupA). If I delete the TV-Browser app and substitute it for previous version TV-Browser 3.4.4, I see a different lineup (LineupB). I delete 3.4.4 and reinstall, I see the original lineup (LineupA) again.

Apart from Library/Application Support/TV-Browser, where is this kind of info being stored? It seems that it discriminates between the different versions.

Re: Schedules Direct not working

von jdonato » 22 Mai 2017, 15:55

Yes, Jo, that is what is so strange about this, that it was happening across multiple OSs (Windows and Mac), multiple versions of TVBrowser, different settings, and multiple internet locations. Only common denominator was the SD plugin. (I know there is no channel icon data with XML, I was just describing what happened). But sure enough, changing to XML, running a download and changing back to JSON did the trick for me. Before that, in the previous week I had tried deleting JSON data in the configure window. Also I had deleted all the listings info manually on my computer, with no success, and restarting not only TVBrowser, but the computer. Also I tried connecting normally to the internet and via VPN (yeah, a little desperate, but I was trying everything I could think of). And I knew the problem did not lie solely within the SD data or my connection, because MacProgramming Guide and Mytelly (albeit old programs) were working and downloading flawlessly each and every time.

I've been using the updated plugin since last year, and it was working ok. Only thing I saw that changed when the problem began, was that I began to receive channel icons, where before I did not. Could it be that SD recently began providing channel icons, and that addition, somehow, messed my JSON download? Or that maybe I was using XML all along (which there is no way to corroborate right now, unfortunately it is data I can't provide)

I have yet to try this trick in my Windows installation (version 3.4.3, plugin version beta). Right now, it is still not working correctly, not downloading all the info, while the Mac installation (version, plugin version beta), after the XML-JSON trick, is working as expected. I am going to try the XML-JSON trick on my Windows version and report back.

On the other question, is there a way to download old versions of plugins?

Re: Schedules Direct not working

von Jo » 22 Mai 2017, 12:16

- The Xml and Json parts of the plugin have nothing in common, so it is data does not provide channel icons as far as I know, so it's normal when they behave differently. Additional the Xml access does not have channel icons as far as I know
- Because these parts are completely different and don't know about each other it was probably coincidence when it worked after switching the data source.
- The Json data access has not changed during the different plugin versions, so it should not work differently in general.

Maybe the connection just hangs sometimes and it would help to restart TV-Browser then. But I don't know why it happens so often with your installation, there are about 100 users of the plugin, so it does not seem to be a general problem.

Re: Schedules Direct not working

von jdonato » 22 Mai 2017, 06:19

Hi. An update on my problem. Bottom line, it seems to be an issue with the plugin.
1- I went to another location to rule out problems with firewall, same results, same problem.
2- Got back home. Tried with still another computer, Windows 10, very old TV-Browser version. IT WORKED.
3- Updated that very old TVB with the latest version, BUT DID NOT UPDATE THE PLUGIN: IT WORKED. Plugin version used is

So, I came back to my Mac, tried to find an old Schedules Direct plugin or repository, could not find it. (Note: is there somewhere I can download old plugin versions, just for testing purposes?)

4- So I changed the way TVB downloads info from JSON to XML (Plugin version IT WORKED. But I lost the channel icons when I updated the channel list. And all channels not selected in Schedules Direct site disappeared from the channels available list, as I was used to see.

5- Change back to JSON. Refreshed channel list. Got back the thousands of not selected channels on Schedule Direct site back to the Available channels list. Got back channel icons. Tried to download data again. It seems to have WORKED!

Somehow changing to XML and back to JSON did the trick.
Hope this helps anyone that might experience the same or similar issues. Will keep doing tests and hopefully everything will keep working.

Re: Schedules Direct not working

von jdonato » 12 Mai 2017, 22:05

I don't think it is a firewall issue, since I can connect otherwise with the other apps and I have not changed anything in my network, but that can be tested easily later on. I will get to another location and try again. I will make sure any computer based firewalls are disabled, which they are now. I'll keep you posted.
The other strange thing that is happening is that, when at last TVB recovered the channel icons, at the same time the "Available channels" column has filled up with channels that are not selected in Schedules Direct, and should not be passing thru to TVBrowser. As it is right now, I have hundreds of non-selected channels on my lineups on SD that are appearing as new channels available on TVB.

Re: Schedules Direct not working

von Jo » 12 Mai 2017, 20:38

You seem to have used the plugin for a while. Since the plugin hasn't been changed (and works fine for me for example) there might be issues with your web connection, maybe a firewall, which only sometimes let the plugin access. This is often the case when user report they get no schedules. The "???" means that the system was not able to receive the channel list.

Re: Schedules Direct not working

von jdonato » 12 Mai 2017, 19:16

After a couple of restarts, I have been able to download listings, although very incomplete ones. A lot of my channels came back empty. This is only happening on TVB, my other apps are downloading nicely. Hope this info helps.

Re: Schedules Direct not working

von jdonato » 12 Mai 2017, 18:17

There is a sudden change the last minutes since these messages . Now an update of the channels shows the correct logos, instead of the ???.
Also there are a bunch of new channels.
Also the attempt to update the listings now take like ten seconds, instead of a second, but still comes up empty. That's on Mac. Will keep you posted.

EDIT: Exact same behavior and changes on Windows.

Re: Schedules Direct not working

von jdonato » 12 Mai 2017, 18:09

Never seen this ??? instead of the channel logos, nor the (N/A) at the end. Let me remind you that this is happening in two different OS's at the same time, Mac that I use most, and Windows 10 (rarely use TV-Browser), with two different versions of TVB

Re: Schedules Direct not working

von jdonato » 12 Mai 2017, 18:05

I am using JSON. Lineup for DISH USA, PR, and local. Login data correct. Tried downloading with other programs (MacProgramGuide, MyTelly), with no problems at all. Only TV-Browser. I am at Java 8. Using SchedulesDirect beta. I click to update my listings and in less than a second TV-Browser says the update is finished, but no listings. I am trying to attach some images, any other info please let me know:
Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.00.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.00.17 PM.png (478.93 KiB) 9850 mal betrachtet

Re: Schedules Direct not working

von Jo » 12 Mai 2017, 16:29

You have to be more precise. Do you use the Xml or Json data (Json is recommended), which channel lists, is your login data correct?

Schedules Direct not working

von jdonato » 12 Mai 2017, 16:06

I have not been able to download listings from Schedules Direct. This is both on Mac and Windows, using both TV-Browser versions 3.4.3 (Windows) and 3.4.4-95 beta1 (Mac). I was able to download about two or three weeks ago. Any help?

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