Missing Danish channels

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Re: Missing Danish channels

von Jo » 28 Jun 2020, 23:57

Data for the TV2 channels is back, we never had SVT directly, it is available via the DataHydra plugin.

Re: Missing Danish channels

von pvc202 » 28 Jun 2020, 20:13

all 6 TV2 xxx channels are not updated, that is TV2, TV2 Charlie, etc
from July 7th 2020 and forward.

SVT 1 and SVT 2 has been missing for some time now, any news when they'll be back?

Rgds Palle

Re: Missing Danish channels

von Jo » 15 Mär 2019, 23:18

Radio P5 is already there, P6, 7, and 8 often change their data but will be available tomorrow again.

Discovery Danmark changed their sites completely, so a complete new parser for the program is needed for Kanal 4,5,6, which has low priority.

Viasat closed down their press site and I could not establish a contact to even find out where and how the press can get the program of TV3 and so on now. This would have higher priority, because also the Norwegian channels are affected.

But in the end there are only very few users who want these channels. Kanal 4,5,6 don't work for more than 2 years and I think you are the first (or maybe the second) who complains. Since this is voluntary work and I can't receive the channels myself and there is so much work to do in general, chances are low that I will do it in short time.

If you find an official program feed for the press from Viasat (TV3) I will have a look at it. Something like DR has for their channels at https://www.dr.dk/programoversigttiltryk/.

Missing Danish channels

von pvc202 » 15 Mär 2019, 20:17

Following Danish channels are not updated (of interest to me):


TV3 Danmark
Kanal 5

Rgds Palle

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