Compatibility issues with Schedules Direct - no data

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Compatibility issues with Schedules Direct - no data

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My client is TV Browser 4.2.1 processing the schedule data through the Schedules Direct plugin beta (latest). Platform is Mac OS X (10.15.4 - latest). Using JSON with 3 SchedulesDirect lineups GBR-1002100-DEFAULT, IRL-0000001-CUSTOM, ZZZ-19.2E-DEFAULT.

Problem simply is that the schedules are no longer updating, so there is no data to display. All channels are affected. Not sure if the problem is with the ScheduleDirect feeds (I contacted them already) or with the TV Browser client. I think the problem started developing (i.e., no new data added) two weeks ago, so I had data up to today (Friday 8th - initially loaded 2 weeks previously - 24th April) but no new data since.

Any new interoperability issues with TV Browser?

Note that the transition from RadioTimes to SchedulesDirect has been disappointing, especially considering that SD is not a free service. A simple improvement that TV Browser could make is a menu item or button to force a full flush and reload of schedules. The combination of TV Browser and SD often leads to incomplete and/or partially corrupted data and a full force flush and reload could help in some situations.

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Re: Compatibility issues with Schedules Direct - no data

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I am at a place where I don't have access to the sources of the plugin. So I can't do anything at the moment. Since I usually use the plugin myself, I will try to fix it as soon as I can. But this will take some more weeks.