Radio Times Plugin - Please Read

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Radio Times Plugin - Please Read

Beitrag von colin1951uk » 30 Dez 2013, 21:54

The owners of the Radio Times xmltv feed have today issued some usage constraints one of which may affect the plugin.

These are the full details:-


As we head rapidly towards the new year, I wanted to add a note about use
of the service at

There's currently files for just under 500 channels available via this
service. Data is updated once per day, and used by a wide range of clients.
We want to remind you about three rules of the road:

1. This data is only for personal and non-commercial use. That means you
can't make money off it, and you can't use it if you're a company, rather
than an individual. It also means you can't redistribute the data, so we
expect requests to come from end-user devices, and not hosted servers,
which are very likely to be providing service for more than just personal

2. There's no reason to fetch files more than once per day (we suggest
fetching around midday, or early afternoon, to ensure you always have the
latest data). This means that no one IP should be making more than 500
requests per day, unless it is clearly a proxy.

3. Please include a User Agent that specifies your app and your app
version. This should not be a library or utility such as wget or cURL. If
possible please include a URL or email address through which we can contact
the developer.

We will be reviewing usage in early January, and may block access to anyone
not following these rules. As always, if anything here presents an issue we
will try to help, but you must talk to us. Please drop us a line ASAP off
list, at: atlas at


It is Point 3 that concerns me as I don't know how the plugin collects the data.

It seems that some other parties are using the feed for commercial purposes which the owners want to stop and it could be that if TV-Browsers plugin doesn't identify itself in the way described when getting data then our users may be banned from accessing the feed in the future.

Can the the author of the plugin please comment on this aspect please.

Happy New Year to all.


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Re: Radio Times Plugin - Please Read

Beitrag von Jo » 30 Dez 2013, 22:50

Hello Colin,

thank you very much for the note. The plugin is for personal use only, so there shouldn't be a problem. You are right, there seems to be no User Agent at the moment. I will add it soon.

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Re: Radio Times Plugin - Please Read

Beitrag von Jo » 02 Jan 2014, 12:55

I was wrong. A user agent is already included, with name and version. Email or url is missing, but I think they can easily find our site and contact us if they want to.