TV Browser no more for me

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TV Browser no more for me

Beitrag von DennyL » 15 Jun 2014, 14:00

I'm a long-time user of TV Browser. I just upgraded to v3.3.3 on my Mac, and when I opened it the system said it was damaged and that I should delete it, which I did. I decided to revert to v3.3.2, which had previously run fine, and of which I still had the download, but it said that it was damaged, too! I restarted my Mac and tried again, and the same thing happened, so now I don't have TV Browser.

Has anyone else here had a similar experience or can make any suggestion? I'm running the current version of Mac OS X (Mavericks).

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Re: TV Browser no more for me

Beitrag von Jo » 15 Jun 2014, 15:04