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TV History

Beitrag von alexei » 04 Apr 2015, 07:46


Is it possible to keep prior days history available? I am not looking for much - just a couple of weeks so I can go back and see details of a program I missed or check why a program I thought should record, didn't.


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Re: TV History

Beitrag von rif » 04 Apr 2015, 08:31 ... ivieren.3F

Why can with TV-Browser does not archive the program data?
TV-Browser contains aware of no archiving function. The transmitter usually lay great emphasis on ensuring that the program data is used solely to announce their program. Some of them are themselves committed by right-holders and thus to any other use of the Conditions shall be rejected. Because we have to respect us as we get imposes the same obligations in the agreements with broadcasters.
For this reason, "expired" program data is automatically deleted regularly. And that's why there is no setting for it, after which time the data will be deleted. We are simply obliged to short-term extinction.
(translated with google cause its not in the english TVB-Wiki allready)

You could use this ... 524090_989