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TV-Browser Speaks!

Verfasst: 21 Aug 2015, 06:20
von bildervice
I hope this an appropriate place to leave this tip, as I can't see a dedicated repository. If you want to get your Mac to announce reminders to you, try the following output script for parameters for the reminders plug-in run application section. You will need the automator app that I have prepared as well to receive the output from TV-Browser and process it into a file that OS X can then read out. The form of the output is as follows, for example, "Life is on at 04 hundred on Universal Channel +1 150". You will need to edit your channel names to include the channel number for your TV service as above.

The script is included as a .txt file, along with the automator app in a .zip file, "TV-Browser". As always, remember to scan it with your AV program (don't forget to tick the "scan inside archives" box) for your own peace of mind! The address is "" to download it.

To point TV-Browser at the executable, you have to navigate to the folder containing the app, and then through the package contents to the application stub. I have included an example path in the text file. Being a java app means you can navigate straight through to the package contents using the browse function.

Enjoy! :D

Re: TV-Browser Speaks!

Verfasst: 24 Aug 2015, 15:23
von jdonato
Nice. Will try sometime later...

Re: TV-Browser Speaks!

Verfasst: 25 Okt 2015, 22:41
von tmokbel1965
This is absolutely fantastic! Will give a shot, whenever I get the opportunity!