Cannot import channels from file.

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Cannot import channels from file.

Beitrag von Jack » 12 Mär 2017, 01:36

I suddenly lost my channels on one of my installation -- using 3.4.4 version of TV-Browser (even went back to 3.4.3) same problem.
I have a second installation - I exported the channels to a file and copied it to the other computer.

Now, I attempted an import and nothing is imported. It acts like the file is never even read at all. Like the code that imports the chosen file in the standard file select dialog window is not actually reading the name and thus not reading the contents. I disabled my virus software just to make sure it was interfering - no help.

Anybody ever have this problem? Any ideas? An import was used previously for that 2nd computer (where I exported from - strange.)

Thanks, Jack


Re: Cannot import channels from file.

Beitrag von Jack » 12 Mär 2017, 02:00

I figured this out... I had not as yet set up my scheduledirect plugin. I needed to have the stations from them on the left hand side of the channel selection section.
Import now worked and matched with the SD channels properly.

Now I will have to see if this messes with my setup. I was using schedulesdirect on my laptop next to my TV in the Living Room.
I was syncing the schedule information to the PC that I was just now having trouble with. The channels had already been setup so only the schedules were required.
SD changed to only permit one network access - so that is why I could not use SD on the PC that I just had the problem. with.
Now, will the laptop still get the schedules? Or will I have to reverse the sync. Oh bother.

Sorry for the false alarm.