Mouse disabled by TV-Browser - BBC missing

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Mouse disabled by TV-Browser - BBC missing

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Installed on a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.13.6 and eventually managed to make connection to the JSON service at schedules direct.

Downloaded the full UK listings but all of the BBC listings were missing. I do not know if this is at your end or theirs. When I download the listings through mc2xml they are all present so there may be a mismatch between you both somewhere.

More importantly (and I understand it is a beta so not a problem) after about an hour or so my mouse simply stops working. It moves across the screen and I can change desktops (manually) but I cannot click on any item thus rendering the mouse useless. I could not even force quit the software as the mouse would not open the force quit function for me. I have had to shut the machine down by holding the power button and then rebooting.

It is definitely a result of the software as I have run the machine for several days now excluding TV-Browser and the mouse functions without an issue.

If you want me to replicate and send some logs, I am happy to do so. just let me know which logs you would want.

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Re: Mouse disabled by TV-Browser - BBC missing

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Well I have not even an idea where that may come from. On the other hand it's not an issue that can be caused by TV-Browser because Java is responsible for accessing the mouse. So it might be an Java issue, maybe a completely clean installation of Java 8 (after removing any other Java installation) would help.
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