Recording Control (CapturePlugin.jar) not working anymore with default driver

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Recording Control (CapturePlugin.jar) not working anymore with default driver

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Hello there,

I have been using with success the Recording Control plugin for at least 4 or 5 years. Since today, I cannot edit the parameters of the "Device" in the Recording Control plugin. I also cannot "import" a previous device (JAVA error "Problems while reading the File"). And if I delete the existing Device, I cannot create a new one (with "Default Driver"), nothing happens after giving the Device a name, it doesn't appear in the list of devices. And if it appears, clicking the "Configure" button does nothing...

I would be happy for any help.

NOTES: already tried that:
- reinstalling TV-Browser 4.2.2 (without deleting user data of course)
- tested with both and beta versions of the plugin
- tested with both 1.8. 0_281-b09 Java version and the one delivered with TV-Browser 4.2.2

Other strange point: I saw that when upgrading the plugin from beta to, it simply disappears from the list of plugins in the "Install/Update Plugins..." section...
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Re: Recording Control (CapturePlugin.jar) not working anymore with default driver

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TV-Browser 4.2.2 needs Java 11 therefor testing with Java 8 cannot work.

Here's what to do:
  1. Close TV-Browaer
  2. Open a Windows Explorer
  3. Enter %appdata%\TV-Browser in the adress bar
  4. Select 4.2.2
  5. Delete the directory CaptureDevices
  6. Delete the files java.captureplugin.CapturePlugin.*
After this the plugin is reset completely and you should be able to import a device. Since the error seems to be a problem with the file system you should also start a file system check on the main drive/partition.

As a site note, there is nothing strange, that the plugin is missing in the install dialog when it already is installed in the same version.
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