Is everything OK?

You want to help in translating of TV-Browser / the Help aka Wiki / the Webpage ?

Is everything OK?

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Tomorrow there will have been no answers to this thread for one year. Are all the translations done or how could we (the users) help you? Which languages are you going to implement next?

I know the wiki-page for translations, but due to lack of other languages than english, I can't help very much. Is there something to do with german-to-english-translations?

I'm very lazy (to search for my own), so please tell me what to translate. (Wiki perhaps? But the german Wiki isn't up-to-date at the moment, so better update german Wiki first or wait for TVB3.0 or just translate everything we could?).
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Hi Panchan,

nothing is ok. :-)

Translate as much as you can.

In the english Wiki you can find some red phrases. They are whithout any text. In german are these texts present.

Please translate that.

Which languages dou speak, too?

mfg Siggi

PS: Wer Fehler findet, darf Sie behalten!!! :-)

Beitrag von Panchan »


I'm german origin and I can just translate into english.
I had french at school, but don't remember anything.

So now I'm on translating the 'marker plugin'-page. I will need some more days for it, but I won't forget it. :!:

Even if my english-skills are not the best, it will be better than nothing. :D