Translation progress

You want to help in translating of TV-Browser / the Help aka Wiki / the Webpage ?
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Translation progress

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Now I want to inform you about our current status:

Currently we are working on a translation-plugin. This plugin will make translation very easy.

You simply create a new Language, enter all translations and send them to us. Every unfinished translation is marked as red in the tree.

At the moment the TV-Browser uses a hardcoded list of languages. This will be replaced by a more flexibel solution. The new solution searches in the home-directory for a "lang"-Directory with additional language files. The editor will create these files.

Other stuff
International data
We offer three datasources at the moment. These sources offer swedish and british channels. We won't offer more data sources. The philosophy is that it's better to have one or more locale providers for the data in each country. Download plugins here. The plugins wil be included in version 2.3.

12-Hour format
At the moment the TV-Browser shows times in 24-hour-format. The version 2.3 will have a option to select 12-hour-format.

Details icons
The "OmU" and deaf-subtitle-Icons don't work in other countries. We added the possibility to change these Icons to a better locale version. We will deliver "OwS" and a "cc"-Icon in 2.3.

The age-field must be a Number in version 2.2. This is not good for most countries. E.g. in the US it's common to use abbreviation like "PG". This will be fixed.

TV-Addicted Plugin
The plugin will be updated to send and receive informatoins about the country the channel is in. This will make it possible to differ movies based on the country. The Plugin and the Web-Page will be translated. If someone has interest in translating this, please post a note in this forum.

Horizontal Layout
I'm sorry to say this, but this will not be in version 2.3. We simply don't have enough time for this huge step.

Have we forgot something? Something not clear enough? Feel free to ask.

Btw: version 2.3 will be available "when it's done ;)".