Schedules Direct data field missing?

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Schedules Direct data field missing?

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Hello, my first post since 2008! The Schedules direct plugin has massively improved since then, thank you!
I am using the JSON method which is working well with none of the time offset problems that made me give up on the app in 2008, except I cannot get any kind of date for series television shows, only for movies. This is a problem for shows that have older and newer versions like "MacGuyver" and "Hawaii 5-0".

The Schedules Direct site offers a sample of the older type DD data to study, I "think" all of those data fields are also available for JSON? The sample shows a date field for movies like this: <year>2016</year> which your plugin can capture but for series television the only date field is like this:
I have turned on every field in TV-Browser data I can find, but none works and there isn't any that resembles "originalAirDate".

Do I need to switch to the older DD data source or is this something that needs to be looked at by the plugin developer?
Thank You, Kevin
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Re: Schedules Direct data field missing?

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The plugin does not ignore the originalAirDate field. I have to take a closer look to see if the processing does not work or the field is empty in the delivered data. TV-Browser itself has only one field for the production year.