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TV-Browser 2.7 Final

Beitrag von ds10 » 16 Jun 2008, 11:32

After half a year of developing we can now offer you TV-Browser 2.7 for download. More than 180 improvements made it into this version. We tried particularly to improve the speed without losing sight to the memory usage. So TV-Browser 2.7 is as every new version of TV-Browser the best we ever offered you. ;-)

Some of the new functions we want to highlight particularly:
  • - The offered channels have been extended to Croatian, Australian und American (USA and Canada) channels
    - The search function now shows first results while the search is still going on
    - In the program info dialog it can not only be searched for actors in Wikipedia, but also on other websites.
    - The download of the tv data was speeded up greatly since the favorite search has been massively optimated.
    - The memory usage was further optimized with the aid of YourKit Java Profiler.
    - New layouts for the program table have been added and the standard layout has been set to compact time block so that more programs are visible simultaneously.
    - An automatic data update is now possible.
    - The channel list can now also be placed left in the window.
    - New mouse action single left click.
For all who did not notice we want to point out that TV-Browser shows again the full program of the German VG Media channels (for instance RTL, Sat1 or Pro7) with descriptions of

We also want to point out that TV-Browser had its fifth anniversary in April and that we released a free CD with Creative Commons music to this occasion via the torrent protocol.

Here the torrents for the CD:

TV-Browser runs with Java 5 or later. The support of the tray will from version 2.7 on only work with Java 6.

To the complete list of changes.

Here now the download links for TV-Browser 2.7:
Windows: tvbrowser-2.7.exe
Mac OS X: tvbrowser-2.7.dmg
Linux: tvbrowser-2.7.tar.gz
for transportable media like USB sticks:


Attention: Please download with a left mouse click. Right click -> save as does not work in this case. Furthermore no download manager should be used.


well done!

Beitrag von swedub4 » 19 Jun 2008, 22:09

Hi, I just want to praise for this new version. The speedup is very noticeable at startup and when grabbing updates. Well done! :D